Takoyaki Party

Hi Greetings from Lesley of MOA HOSTEL IN KANDA.

We held Takoyaki Party at the ground floor! Most of you already know what Takoyaki is. It is ball shaped Japanese traditional cuisine. Our staff taught how to make Takoyaki and they seemed to be enjoying this party! It was great to see you guys have fun here! We appreciated that so many guest from all over the world joined and had so much fun.

We are planning more opportunities to have a great time together with all of our guest. Even you’re not staying with us, you are so welcomed to visit!  If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to serve all of you. Wish you have a good time in Tokyo and we assist you during the memorable journey.

Next party will be held on 31st Oct. That is Halloween! Don’t miss it! Please follow our Instagram and Facebook, and get more details.

Hope to see you soon at MOA Hostel in Kanda☺

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