Introduce our hostel?


Hi! I’m Mikan-chan, one of staffs 😉

Mikan is kind of orange n very popular among Japanese.

We all eat it during winter. When shops start to sell it, we feel winter is coming❄️


Today, I’m gonna show you first floor of our hostel ?

Let’s go!

At common space, we have microwaves, refrigerator, shared dishes, hot water maker and so on! You can use those whenever you want.

Hey, don’t heat me up!?


We also have some playing stuff.

Instgram board…

Kendama, Daruma …and so on!

Daruma is my best friend. He looks granpy but actually kind person. If you don’t know how to play him, feel free to ask us?



Here is laundry room ???

We have washing n drying machines:) You can use those from 100yen.

If you want detergent, please ask us!!


Wash room is here. We clean those up every day✨



We have breakfast service.

Why don’t you start your morning from delicious hot coffee and breads ;)?


Hey, how do you feel about you guys will be eaten tomorrow?




……..(dead silent)




Anyway, we’re looking forward to staying with you!

Bye now ?✨